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Brock Mcguire Band

The Brock Mcguire Band

The Brock Mcguire Band Passion and precision, authenticity and diversity: these are the hallmarks of Ireland's traditional music quintet, The Brock Mcguire Band. They are steeped in tradition and perform it with abiding respect and rousing creativity. The band's tight, tenacious blend of instruments often reaches fever pitch on stage, and their repertoire runs wide and deep, emphasizing mostly Irish music but also sprinkling in exciting arrangements of Shetland, French-Canadian, and other Celtic traditions.

Founding members button accordionist Paul Brock and fiddler Manus McGuire are two of Ireland's most celebrated traditional musicians, and have been at the forefront of Irish music for many years through their joint work with the group Moving Cloud. Manus is also a founding member of Buttons & Bows, and both bands, ranking among Ireland's finest, have helped to introduce international audiences to the virtuosity of their playing.

The band also features Enda Scahill on banjo and Denis Carey on piano.

Albums Include:

  1. Brock McGuire Band

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