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Denis Allen

Denis Allen

Denis Allen, is a singer/songwriter based in Co.Limerick, Ireland. He wrote and sang the song "Limerick You're A Lady" which went to number one in Ireland in 1979 for several weeks and stayed in the chart for about a year. It has since been recorded by over 40 different artists. The song has been recorded by Joe Dolan, Daniel O'Donnell, Frank Patterson and many others. And in October 1979 he performed the song live on “The Late Late Show”.

Not only did he write and sing a number one hit, he also wrote "Reach Out" which was sung by Shaun O'Dowd and this song also got into the top ten at the same time as "Limerick You're A Lady". Making Denis one of the few people ever to have two hits in the Irish top ten simultaneously.

He went on to tour with The Fureys and he wrote "Lonely in London" which was recorded by The Fureys for one of their albums. Another big hit of his was "Late Starters in Love" which has been recorded by several groups including The Bards, Evans & Doherty and The Fureys
He continues to tour Ireland, Holland, Germany and America. And he has built a recording studio in Limerick and spends a lot of time producing and writing.

In December 2007 he made a guest appearance on RTE TV series “Killinaskully” Christmas Special which had over 700,000 viewers.

Albums Include:

  1. Lonely in London
  2. Shannon River
  3. Late Starters in Love