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Denis Carey

Denis Carey

Denis Carey from Newport, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, is a musician, composer, and arranger with a diverse musical background. He has performed and recorded with many well known artists nationally and internationally. In recent years Denis' compositions have been widely acclaimed in Nova Scotia, Canada where he performs on a regular basis. The Scottish National Orchestra performed a piece by Denis entitled 'Cape Breton Sunrise' (which appears on his solo album 'An Turas') at the Edinburgh Folk Festival in 1997.

Most recently Denis performed with Symphony Nova Scotia at a Concert in the Cohn Auditorium in Halifax which was broadcast by C.B.C. He also features on Denis Ryans' latest CD 'Here and There' and has just completed a commissioned work for Tipperary (NR) County Council, called 'An Turas Suite'. His Orchestral work, 'The Millennium Suite' was premiered during Limerick Civic Week 2000 at the University Concert Hall, Limerick.

Denis along with Dave Keary and Ray Fean also composed, arranged and produced the soundtrack for the Canadian film 'The Divine Ryans', featuring Oscar nominee Pete Postlethwaite. In 2000, Denis was specially commissioned by Shannon Heritage to compose and arrange the music for the Show 'Style' at the Bunratty Folk Park, Co. Clare. The music for this show was then captured by Denis on the 2001 release 'Style - Stories of Irish Dance'. Denis has also completed an album with Denis Allen ('Limerick You're a Lady'). 'Late Starters in Love' is the first album completed by Denis with Denis Allen and the first single 'Late starters in Love' has already proved a hit with radio stations in Ireland both locally and nationally. Currently he plays the piano in The Brock McGuire Band.

In 2004 Denis won the award for's composer of the year.

In February 2009 he released his new album of compositions "Moving On" and features Martin O'Connor, Paul Brock, Mauns McGuire, Zoe Conway, Ken Rice, Tommy Hayes and others.

Albums Include:

  1. Newport Town
  2. An Turas
  3. Late Starters in Love
  4. Lonely in London
  5. Shannon River
  6. Ireland the Music
  7. Moving On


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