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Jerry Holland

Jerry Holland

Jerry Holland is a fiddler strongly rooted in Cape Breton, Scottish and Irish dance music traditions. An active performer and recording artist, many of his own tunes have entered the traditional repertoire around the world. His tunes, books and recordings have remained influential wherever Celtic music is played.

Jerry comes by his music honestly, his father was a musical man and respectful of tradition. Jerry Senior was over 50 years old when Jerry was born and this placed the budding musician directly into a vibrant older culture.

Traditional musicians always have a high respect for their sources. Jerry is no exception. In his childhood, Jerry's father exposed him to some of the last generation's greatest Cape Breton Scottish fiddlers.

The beauty of traditional music lies in individual expression. Because Cape Breton was remote, its fiddle music and dancing kept to the old Scottish style, a tradition that Jerry Holland was raised to respect and support.

From childhood on, a series of fortunate events put young Jerry in the company of many of the greatest Cape Breton musician of the last generation, Winston Fitzgerald, Bill Lamey, Angus Chisholm, and several other less well-known fiddlers, including his father. Jerry Senior also had an interest in Irish music and passed on his repertoire to Jerry, including music learned from the 78's of Coleman, Morrison, Killoran and Cape Breton fiddler Johnny Wilmot.

Jerry has devoted his energies to the music life of Cape Breton Island. He is an emotional performer; his concerts and recordings are always memorable.

Albums Include:

  1. Fiddlers Choice
  2. Crystal Clear

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