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Noel McLoughlin

Noel McLoughlin

Noel McLoughlin comes from Limerick, Ireland. At the age of 15 he started to play the guitar, being vocally and musically influenced by groups such as "The Johnstons", "Sweeney's Men", "De Dannan" and "The Dubliners". In the seventies he joined several Folkbands, amongst others "Cromlach" and "Celtic Tradition". He toured all over Europe and in the USA as a solosinger for Irish folk. In 1989 he recorded two albums
of the most popular Irish and Scottish Ballads. The incredible success of these recordings is due to Noels impressive but soft voice - especially appreciated by the public in his live concerts. Noel McLoughlin has therefore come to be one of the most acclaimed singers of Irish and Scottish Folk.

Noel has had particular success in Germany where he has had several top-selling albums with A.R.C. Records, being their Number One seller in recent years. Coming from a traditional background, Noel plays guitar, banjo, whistle and mandolin.

Albums Include:

  1. Ireland - the music
  2. Ireland - the songs volume 1
  3. Ireland - the songs volume 2
  4. Noel McLoughlin - Live!


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