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Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn is the latest young musicians making her mark on Atlantic Canada through performance. At 18 years of age, Shannon Quinn is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, dancer and composer. Having been performing with her father Tony for 12 years, she has been featured among many successful recording artists, and in turn has become one herself.

She lives in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, a place full of musical talent. As a dancer, Shannon has competed in national competitions at a championship level in Irish dancing. She has been featured with the Chieftans, Cirque du Soleil and the Charlotte town Festival, and regularly incorporates dance into her performances. Her musical style is highly influenced by that of her ancestors, originating from County Clare, Ireland. Inspired by a wide variety of genres and musicians, Shannon is passionate about music, and has made the choice to pursue performance, composition and production as a career. Her debut album entitled “The Irwin Lake sessions” was releases in March ’08, as well as the launch of her new music production/publishing company “Cowbell Music”. She is a firm believer that life would be much more enjoyable if there was plenty more cowbell.

Albums Include:

  1. The Irwin Lake Sessions

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